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Cowan said that is technically true, however, there is an incentive to be good neighbors. "They're not going to have their own police department, firefighters, hospitals around the casino. They're going to be dependent on the city of Enid for that, and they're going to want to make sure online gambling that you all are happy with the situation so that that's not interrupted," he said. There's no requirement that the city provide fire or police services in tribal jurisdiction, he said. "The tribe would want to make sure that that continues," Cowan said. There is leverage right now in crafting an agreement the city is comfortable with, he said. Once the casino is up and running, it's not subject to municipal code, and the police department cannot walk in and arrest someone absent some other mutuality, Ezzell noted. "It sounds like this (agreement) is our only shot," he said. "It's true. The tribe is a sovereign entity, and it would have sovereign jurisdiction over those lands, and if it wanted to tell the city for whatever reason to go take a hike, then you could say, 'Well, we're not providing you services anymore,' and see if the casino could continue to function like that," he said. Cowan said he's aware of a lot of cities that work with casinos, and they work together to keep one another happy. The contract could at least protect the city for 10 to 20 years.

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